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16 May

Coke Montilla - Lost Tribe

Written by: Super User

Please welcome spanish music producer 'Coke Montilla' on RGMusic Records with his fantastic new trance production named 'Lost Tribe'. We are very happy to release this great track on our label and to support him! 'Coke Montilla' is no stranger to the music industry ... ...
16 May

Vibronic Nation - Pinball 2.0 Reloaded

Written by: Super User

Check out this cool Remake of 'Pinball 2.0' named 'Pinball 2.0 Reloaded' by 'Vibronic Nation'. For this production 'Vibronic Nation' contacted his friend 'Sirko Falke' to obtain the official approval for a 'Pinball 2.0' remake ... ...
16 May

Max R. - Turn The Lights Off

Written by: Super User

Check out the new Hands-Up production named 'Turn the Lights Off' by polish music producer 'Max R' on RGMusic Records! He delivers again a fresh vocal hands up production in his known and beloved style ... ...
16 May

DrumMasterz feat. SMP2k - Wonderlands

Written by: Super User

Please welcome german music producer 'DrumMasterz' on RGMusic Records with his new original production named 'Wonderlands'. 'DrumMasterz' did already several great remixes for RGMusic Records what surely helped ... ...

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